IPE Mission

The Institute for Progressive Education exists to bring positive change to the Bulgarian system of education and to promote the lifelong growth and development of all Bulgarian citizens in line with the economic, social, and cultural requirements of the 21st century.


New Progressive School

In line with our mission to transform the Bulgarian system of education and contribute to the country’s development in the context of the 21st century, we have initiated the process of setting up new community schools belonging to an integrated system. The first model school opened in September 2016 in Sofia. The Progressive School is educating children to be free and responsible individuals – loving and independent, able to define and achieve their own purpose, and live a happy life together.

School for Teachers

The IPE School for Teachers supports teachers in the process of their professional and personal development. The School’s goal is, through learning and sharing, to create a community of professional, daring, and motivated teachers.

JUMP Math Bulgaria

To provide pedagogical methods, content and support for high-quality learning to every child and teacher in Bulgaria we implement JUMP Math in Bulgaria – the system built upon the belief that “all children can learn math, all teachers can teach math, and both can and should enjoy it.” JUMP’s revolutionary math curriculum draws on the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science research and combines guided exercises with independent work that breaks down difficult concepts into simple, logical steps. Canadian playwright, mathematician and author Dr. John Mighton is the founder of JUMP Math. Everything about the story of the creation of JUMP Math you can find on the official webpage of JUMP Math.

Policies in Education

IPE runs an ongoing expert debate involving non-government organizations, international bodies, and individuals with the purpose of identifying key issues and proposing political and expert solutions for education. IPE is the initiator of Dialogue for the Future – a civil initiative working to define public requirements and strategies for a fundamental reform of the Bulgarian system of education.